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The Right Livelihood Award

The Right Livelihood Awards Administrative Office
Kerstin Bennet
Administrative Director
P.O. Box 15072
S - 10465 Stockholm

Telefon: 0046/0/87 02 03 40
Telefax: 0046/0/87 02 03 38
eMail:     info @

Preis: The Right Livelihood Award (“Alternativer Nobelpreis”)

The Right Livelihood Awards are presented annually at a ceremony in the Swedish                 Parliament on the day before the Nobel Prize presentations. The prize money of SEK                2.000,000, shared by three or four recipients, is to strengthen or expand their work, not for personal use. An Honorary Award (non-monetary) is also usually made for work the jury wishes to recognise but which is not primarily in need of financial support.

Das Preisgeld sind umgerechnet ca 220.000 Euro bzw. 250.000 USD.

sicne 1980, every year
seit 1980, jährlich

Jury: The recipients are chosen by an international jury panel
Internationale Jury renommierter Persönlichkeiten im Umweltschutz

Prize for/Preisverleihung für:
In addition to supporting the recipients directly, an important purpose of the Right Livelihood Award is to spread their knowledge and experience and to show that problems which often look intractable can be confronted by individuals or small groups acting together and mobilising others for the common good.  The Award also aims to stimulate a debate about social values and goals. It brings together people working in many different fields: for social justice and human rights, for peace and disarmament, the protection of minorities, care of the environment and many aspects of human development, ranging from cultural and spiritual renewal to science and technology for people's welfare. What unites them is the vision of an indivisible humanity, a commitment to careful stewardship of our small planet and an ethic of justice and sustainability. The Right Livelihood Award exists to strengthen the social forces that they represent and to provide the support and inspiration needed to make them a model for the future.

The nomination process is an open one, which means that basically any
person can nominate anyone else. The names of candidates and their
nominators remain strictly confidential.

vorbildliches Engagement und Lebensführung in Hinblick auf Natur, Umwelt und Humanität

Letzte Änderung/last modified: 14. März 2006

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