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Italgas Prize

Italgas Prize Secretariat
Via XX Settembre, 41
10121 - Turin - Italy

Tel: +39 011 2394226/050
Telefax: +39 011 2394306

Preis/Award: Italgas Prize for Research and Technological Innovation
The XV Edition of the Italgas Prize for Research and Technological Innovation to encourage the creation of added value in the scientific, technological and socio-economic sectors, which are fundamental for civil and social progress.

Every year, two prizes are awarded with a cash value of 80,000 Euros each.
Zwei Preise, die mit je 80,000 Euros dotiert sind.

seit 1986 jährlich

Teilnehmer/Participant: Two Prizes are reserved for relevant contributions, also interdisciplinary, for advances in scientific and technological research in the following three sectors:
a) Energy and Environment
b) Information and Communication Technology
c) Applied Molecular Sciences.

Jury/Jury: The Italgas Prize Committee selects the two prizewinners, in a meeting to be held by July, each year. The Prize Committee is made up of:

  a.. The Chairman of ENI
  b.. The Chairman of Italgas
  c.. Three Members nominated by ENI
  d.. The President of CNR
  e.. The President of ENEA
  f.. A maximum number of ten representatives from the world of international research, who are also part of the Selection Committee.
The Prize Committee, which meets in Turin, is chaired by the Chairman of Italgas, and is assisted by the Prize Secretary.

Vorsitzende von Italgas und anderer Unternehmen, Vertreter aus der Wissenschaft.

Preis für/Prize for: (Vergabeturnus/Timing/Rotation): The Research Results must be achieved during the five years preceding the publication date of the Official Announcement of the Annual Prize, and must be developed and characterised by a consistent reflection on countries of the European Union. In particular, the Prize is open to Candidatures that originate from countries of the European Union, and also countries from Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean area, on the basis of the bilateral agreements on European collaboration, the definition of which is in progress.
Projekte und wissenschaftliche Initiativen aus den drei Sektoren a) Wissenschaft und Technik im Bereich Energie; b) Wissenschaft und Technik im Bereich Umwelt; c) Wissenschaft und Technik im Bereich Computer und Kommunikation. Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt liegt auf Projekten in denen außerdem Erdgas eine Verwendung findet.

Sonstiges/Other Information:
  1.. The prizes will be presented at a formal awards ceremony to be held in Turin, in October each year.
  2.. Prize Candidatures must be submitted and guaranteed by:
  a.. residents and full Members of the leading Academies;
  b.. Deans of Faculties, Heads of Departments, and Professors of the subjects covered by the Prize, and related subjects, at Universities and Polytechnics;
  c.. Directors of leading Institutions and Research Centres;
  d.. Winners of major prizes.
Self-proposed Candidatures will not be accepted.
Past Candidatures may be presented again on condition that they are accompanied by sound motivations regarding their re-presentation.

Letzte Änderung/last modified: 3. Mai 2001

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